Supplier Diversity Initiative

BCTC utilizes National Diversity Solutions (NDS) to assist college employees in identifying diverse suppliers to meet our purchasing needs. Diverse suppliers include business enterprizes that are owned by minorities, women, Veterans and differently-abled individuals as well as disadvantaged business enterprizes.

Please refer to the information, below, when contacting NDS:

BCTC Employees

Contact NDS by phone at (859) 225 -1131 or e-mail at to utilize this service.

  • NDS provides 3 levels of service which are described in the NDS Summary of Services document.
  • BCTC employees may also contact BCTC Purchasing at (859) 246-6637 with questions.


Register with NDS at the following link: 

Learn more about the Supplier Diversity Initiative at the following link:

There is no cost associated for suppliers to register or participate in identified opportunities. To be successful with BCTC, suppliers must provide impeccable quality and deliver as promised at competitive costs.