Using a ProCard

Each employee who is authorized to use a ProCard is required to comply with the following prior to using the ProCard:

  1. Attend ProCard User Training
  2. Read Business Procedure 4.2
  3. Sign a ProCard User Agreement

When to Use a ProCard

  1. When purchasing items costing less than $500 each and where the total transaction amount is less than $5,000.
  2. When purchasing conference registrations. **
  3. When purchasing airline tickets. **

** Note: If traveling out-of-state or out-of-country, you must complete out-of-state out-of-country travel authorization form and obtain proper signatures. This form must be attached to receipt for airfare / conference registration and be included with the ProCard statement on which the charges appear.

How to Use a ProCard

All forms are now located on the KCTCS Employee Intranet at

  1. Before making the purchase you must:

    Check the budget being charged to ensure it is sufficient to cover the purchase.

    Upon making the purchase you must:
  2. After making the purchase you must:
    • Obtain proper supporting documentation. See link for examples of supporting documentation.
    • Attach supporting documentation to the BA8 or BA50.
    • Attach the BA8s and BA50s (with supporting documentation) to the monthly ProCard statement.
    • Obtain signatures on ProCard statement.
      • You must obtain your supervisor's signature and
      • Signature of budget authority being charged, if applicable.
    • Perform edits in ActivePay by due dates.
    • Submit the monthly ProCard statement and attachments to the Kim Dennis by due dates.

Please see ProCard Guide for detailed instruction on using the ProCard and ActivePay.