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Employee Reimbursement

BCTC adheres to KCTCS B.P. 4.2.6.

An employee reimbursement may be used to reimburse an employee for out-of-pocket expenses that are not travel related and for which a ProCard cannot be used. When requesting reimbursement, an Employee Reimbursement form (BA2) must be completed and forwarded to Amy Spears at the Leestown Campus. It will then be processed and forwarded on to KCTCS for payment.

Employee Reimbursement form requirements:

  • Employee name and remit address
  • Employee ID or vendor ID of the claimant
  • Date requested
  • Valid budget string
  • Employee signature and date signed
  • Signature of employee's supervisor or individual having budget authority
  • Limit $500
  • Justification to why the ProCard could not be used must be provided.
  • Employee must provide justification of expenditures.
  • Original receipts must be attached.

When submitting an employee reimbursement for meeting rooms, meals, and refreshments, Form BA50 needs to be attached. For additional information regarding the BA50, see the instruction sheet, B.P. 1.13 and B.P. 1.14.

System office approval must be obtained for employee reimbursements for individual memberships. A copy must be included when submitting paperwork for reimbursement.