10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions II

Session Topic


UK Transfer Advising - Nikki Glenos, UK Transfer Advisor

This session will include information for the UK Core, General Education Transfer Agreement, BCTCblue+, and scholarships while also providing an opportunity to receive answers to your questions.


Engagement/ Teaching Methods - Clovis Perry

Using Team-Based Learning (TBL) engages learners in an active role of acquiring and synthesizing content through collaborative learning events that create a motivational framework in which learners increasingly hold each other accountable for the learning process.


LibGuides for Student Success - Terry Buckner, Maureen Cropper, Marcia Freyman

Student success depends on a stimulating environment for learning. See how the BCTC libraries are building exciting new library guides (LibGuides) on a variety of topics to enhance student learning. LibGuides encourage learning with multimedia, interactive polls, and visually rich content, in order to help us reach out to our students in fresh and creative ways.


The SAP Academic Plan of Action - Ben Worth

Putting together a Plan of Action for SAP appeal is as easy as doing a course audit. I’ll show you a few short cuts as well.


Disability Services - April Jeffries, Lisa Ladanyi, Dolores Meaux, Veronica Miller

DSS staff will provide an overview of services provided and allow participants to sample some of the technology used to accommodate students.


TTALKS – Thinking Together about Alignment, Learning, Knowledge, and Strategies - Dr. Augusta Julian

TTALKS are designed to provide a forum for discussion with the president on college ideas and issues. This session will focus on suggestions for action steps to be included in the revision to the strategic plan this year.