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Payroll Forms

Time-sheets and absence forms are due to the payroll office on each paydate. See 2015 - 2016 pay schedule. Supervisors are responsible for (1) reviewing time-sheets and absence forms for accuracy, (2) approving and signing time-sheets and absence forms and (3) submitting the forms to the Payroll or Human Resources Department.

All forms have been transitioned to the KCTCS Intranet:

Time-Sheets and Absence Forms

Form Description / Instructions
PR99 Employee time-sheet - Required for non-exempt employees and exempt 18A* and 151B* employees.
PR99S Student and temporary staff time-sheet - Required for all student and temporary employees.
PR99A Time-sheet / earn codes - See Instructions for PR99 and PR99S for commonly used earn codes.
PR90 Absence form - Required for all employee types when an absence occurs.
PR301 Leave balance adjustment - Required in the event that an absence form is submitted for an incorrect pay period.
PR91 Manual check request - Must be approved by the Vice-President of Finance.
HR97 Supplemental assignment

*Faculty & Staff of Cabinet for Workforce Dev, Dep't of Tech Ed who were hired into regular positions before 6/30/98.

Direct Deposit Forms

Form Description / Instructions
PR95 Direct deposit form
PR94 Direct deposit recall form
PR202 Direct deposit waiver
PR92 Authorization for payroll deduction

Tax Forms

Form Description / Instructions
PR89 Local/city tax form - Required when an employee changes work locations or works in multiple locations.
PR60 Taxable benefit form
PR101 Employee authorization for reissuance of W-2
PR67 Estimated tax on tuition form
PR98 Tax refund and adjustment form

Stop Payment Forms

Form Description / Instructions
PR96 Payroll check/advice cancellation
PR97 Stop payment payroll check