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Payroll Forms

Time-sheets and absence forms are due to the payroll office on each paydate. See pay schedule. Supervisors are responsible for (1) reviewing time-sheets and absence forms for accuracy, (2) approving and signing time-sheets and absence forms and (3) submitting the forms to the Payroll or Human Resources Department.

All forms are available on thePoint, currently, and will be transitioned to the KCTCS Intranet.  

Payroll forms linkHuman Resource forms link.

Time-Sheets and Absence Forms

Form Description / Instructions
PR99 Employee time-sheet - Required for non-exempt employees and exempt 18A* and 151B* employees.
PR99S Student and temporary staff time-sheet - Required for all student and temporary employees.
PR99A Time-sheet / earn codes - See Instructions for PR99 and PR99S for commonly used earn codes.
PR90 Absence form - Required for all employee types when an absence occurs.
PR301 Leave balance adjustment - Required in the event that an absence form is submitted for an incorrect pay period.
PR91 Manual check request - Must be approved by the Vice-President of Finance.
HR97 Supplemental assignment

*Faculty & Staff of Cabinet for Workforce Dev, Dep't of Tech Ed who were hired into regular positions before 6/30/98.

Direct Deposit Forms

Form Description / Instructions
PR95 Direct deposit form
PR94 Direct deposit recall form
PR202 Direct deposit waiver
PR92 Authorization for payroll deduction

Tax Forms

Form Description / Instructions
PR89 Local/city tax form - Required when an employee changes work locations or works in multiple locations.
PR60 Taxable benefit form
PR101 Employee authorization for reissuance of W-2
PR67 Estimated tax on tuition form
PR98 Tax refund and adjustment form

Stop Payment Forms

Form Description / Instructions
PR96 Payroll check/advice cancellation
PR97 Stop payment payroll check