Computer Classroom/Open Lab Software Request Policy

All software required for computer classrooms and open labs must be requested in writing.  The official software request form is available at the following web address:

Please note that due to copyright laws, ITS must have a copy of the software media and a copy of the licensing agreement for each piece of software. There will be no exceptions to the licensing agreement requirement.

Instructors should assume that if the software they need is not listed, it WILL NOT be available in the lab.  An updated list of requested software will be available at the following web address:

The IT department will not clear the list of requested software between fall and spring or between spring and summer semesters.  Any software requested in the fall will automatically be available for spring and summer.  Any additional software or data must still be requested by the deadlines; however, this should ease some of the paperwork.  The software lists will still be cleared between the summer II and fall semester.  The software list on the web page will be the preferred method for an instructor to determine whether the IT department is aware of a software request.  If an instructor needs more than the default installation of an application, he or she must request it (e.g. extra clip art, extra data files, etc.).  If an instructor needs a software package that is installed in a classroom on his or her office machine, the instructor must submit a work order.

To ensure that software is in place for classes at the start of each semester, ITS has established software request deadlines. These deadlines are to give ITS staff an opportunity to plan hardware positioning, to plan software purchases, and to resolve any hardware/software conflicts.  Any software requests submitted after the published deadlines must be accompanied with a written explanation to the Director of Information Technology Services at that specific Bluegrass District Campus.  The established deadlines for software requests are as follows:

  • Fall semester - April 30th
  • Spring semester - November 30th
  • Summer I & Summer II - April 1st

These deadlines apply to software required in classrooms for the first week of class.  ITS requires two weeks advance notice for software installations during the semester.  This notice allows ITS time to schedule the installs so that other users are not negatively impacted.  ITS will also offer pre-semester testing workshops to any instructor who wishes to test applications within specific labs.  This practice helps to identify and eliminate any problems that may arise within the labs before actual semester work begins.

It is important that the install media accompanies all requests.  In all cases, the IT department must retain a copy of the media in case reinstallation of the software is necessary.