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Administrative Computing

Applications Development

We offer full-scale, enterprise level development for departmental, college-wide applications. Following a very strict development cycle, we work with the client from idea conception to implementation and training. From database development to simple data queries, we will ensure your application is easily accessible to your target audience and your employees.

Distance Learning Technology

Many years of experience in the field of distance (online) learning gives us the unique ability to assist all faculty with the development of course content that is both dynamic and effective. We can completely transition your on-campus content to a distance learning format using the most up-to-date, accessible technology available. If you are thinking of taking the plunge in to the distance learning environment, let us be your first stop to discuss your needs as a faculty member.

Technology Training

New technology is constantly being released and you need to know how it works. We recently added to our ability to offer training close to you by opening a new Technical Resource Center (TRC) at the Leestown Campus. This new center compliments our current Cooper Campus (TRC) by allowing us to offer the same classes at both locations. We offer training in the form of structured training sessions and we'll also offer one-on-one training for those people who feel they need the personal service.

Web Services

Simply put, this is everything Web related at the college...from the website to the Intranet. We've trained over 120 Content Managers to manage the content in their areas of expertise and we continue to provide training and assistance to all areas of the college. More information will be coming soon as we continue to work closely with KCTCS (serving on multiple committees) in order to broaden the Web presence and create a "student first" web presence.