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Safe Space Training

 The BCTC Alliance provided four Safe Space Workshops in the Fall of 2013 to provide education that encouraged faculty and staff to become allies and to provide a “safe” space for the LGBTQIA community. Attendees signed the following pledge and received a sticker indicating that they have completed the training and are a safe and inclusive space.

Safe Space Pledge

With my signature, I pledge to be an ally to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex and ally (LGBTQIA) community at Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

I pledge that my space is a place where the LGBTQIA community can:

  • feel welcome and safe and is an environment that is accepting to all.
  • find assistance and help in identifying campus resources that support LGBTQIA members of the campus community.

With my signature, I pledge that I have completed the Safe Space Training at BCTC and will display my sticker prominently. I will be an ally and will work toward a more inclusive environment for the LBGTQIA community.

If I feel like at any time that I cannot serve in this role, I will remove my sticker and notify the BCTC Alliance.

The following people completed the Fall 2013 Safe Space Workshop:

Jacob Allen ITS
Gaby Baca  Multiculturalism and Inclusion
 Pamela Bates  Advising/Assessment
 Micheal Benton  Humanities
 Ellen Biddle  Multiculturalism and Inclusion
 Michael Birchett  Financial Aid
 Dorita Bow  SDEM - Advising
 Sharon Breeding  MIT
 Meagan Brock  Library
 Terry Buckner  Academics Support/Newtown Learning Commons
 Angel Clay  Transfer Center
 Nathan Congleton  Offfice of Admissions
 Amy Cornell  Financial Aid
 Charles Coulston  Nuclear Medicine Technology/ Allied Health
 Judy Craft  Learning Commons
 Becky Critchfield  Transfer Center
 Maureen Cropper  Library / Academics Support
 Deborah Dalton  Advising / Assessment
 Sarah Dudik  PR
 Greg Feeney  Academics
 Angelee Feltner  Multiculturalism and Inclusion
 Andrea Fender  Records
 Laura Fraebel  Workforce Solutions
 Karen Gauthier  History
 Lenelle Gill  Office of Admissions
 Tania  Gross  Student Support Services  
 Gwen Hacker  Military and Veteran Services
 Robin Haggerty  Humanities
 Justin Harned  English
 Beth Healander  
 Donna Health-Johnson  Workforce Solutions
 Jeff Herrin  Mathematics
 Jan Holland  
 Jessica Horohov  Financial Aid
 Erin Howard  Multiculturalism and Inclusion - Latino Outreach
 Megan Hudson  Human Resources
 Shelbie Hugle  Office of Admissions
 Charles James  Library
 Jenny Jones  
 Rob Knight  Finance and Operations
 Kristen Lee  Office of Admissions
 Jennifer Link  Library
 Diana Martin  Humanities
 Carol Mochizuki-Elrod  Talent Search
 Ann Monroe  Career Development and Counseling
 Chad Mueller  NS
 Bonnie Nicholson  Academics
 Jill Page  Office of Admissions
 Bob Phillips  
 Raeanne Ratliffe  Human Resources
 Sharon Reetz  SDEM
 Chelsea Rhinehart  Financial Aid
 Greg Rickert  CHLSS
 Peggy Rinehart  Financial Aid
 Jessica Ripley  Advising/Assessment
 Tri Roberts  
 Marshall Robertson  Business and Education Division
 Ralph Russell  ITS
 Regina Shank  Student Activities
 Ruth Simms  MS
 Rebecca Simms  Opportunity College & Adult Education
 Nathan Smith  Student Support Services
 Richard Smoot  History
 Cameron Sons  
 Sharonda Steele  Upward Bound
 Daniel Sulfridge  Career Development & Counseling / SDEM
 Kathy Swango  Humanities
 Melissa Terry  Admissions
 Tanya White  
 Vicki Wilson  CHLSS
 Jennifer Wood  SDEM - Admissions
 Jessica Wooldridge  Career Development & Counseling / SDEM
 Ben Worth  Academics
 Jing Zhang  Sociology

Additional Safe Space training will be available in Spring 2014.