Non-Degree Students

Visiting Students

Visiting Students: are students currently enrolled at another institution wishing to take a course or two at BCTC.

Once you have been fully admitted as a visiting student, follow the instructions you receive with your admissions packet.

Visiting students need to provide a letter of good standing or an official transcript from the Registrar of the current institution which reflects the current cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.). Students who are currently taking classes at another KCTCS school are not required to submit a letter of good standing. Students in visiting status are permitted to take a maximum of six credit hours per semester.

If you have issues registering for classes or PeopleSoft does not recognize your pre-requisites, please contact our records office (855) 246-2477.

Please visit our admissions guidelines page to ensure you complete all necessary steps!

Though you are not required to meet with an advisor prior to enrolling, in order to enroll in courses with pre-requisites, please have available a transcript or ACT/SAT scores showing completion of the pre-requisite.*

Dual Credit-High School Students

Dual Credit-High School students: are students who are enrolled in both their high school and college simultaneously and receive credit from both institutions for the same course.

Apply through the Opportunity College.

*Please Note: If your ACT/SAT/COMPASS scores are more than 3 years old and/or you have not completed college level or transitional courses, especially in Writing and Math, you will be required to take the COMPASS Placement exam in order to advise you appropriately.