Professional Development Opportunities

Below is a list of professional development opportunities offered at BCTC and at venues external to BCTC. Those opportunities that are offered by BCTC groups and/or opportunities that are available at a low cost are noted for your convenience. Links to the Teaching and Learning Center and the Technology Tutorials and Training are also available in the navigation bar to assist BCTC employees with their professional development needs.

To include other PD opportunities on this page, please contact Miranda Hines.

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by Groups

at a
Low Cost

Supervisory Management Essentials Sept 2014-May 2015
February-March 2015 X
Faculty Open Labs February-April 2015
KCTCS Teaching & Learning Institutes
February 13-April 24, 2015   X
March 20, 2015
EDUCAUSE Live!: Developments in Higher Education Educational Technology
March 24, 2015
The Essentials of Credibility, Confidence and Composure March 24, 2015     X
Digital Content Curation for the 21st Century Teacher
March 25, 2015
2015 Kentucky Student Success Summit   March 30–31, 2015     X
WomenTech Educators Training  March 30-31, 2015
All Access April 2, 2015   X
How Copyright and Fair Use Impact Third Party Captioning for Educational Video April 2, 2015   X
Peace & Earth Justice Spring 2015 Speaker Series: I AM a Kentuckian April 2, 2015   X
Management Skills for Today's Busy Administrative Professionals
April 2, 2015     X
Peace & Earth Justice Spring 2015 Speaker Series: Human Trafficking: Emerging from the Shadows April 7, 2015   X
The Manager's Role as Teacher and Trainer
April 10, 2015

Peace & Earth Justice Spring 2015 Speaker Series: May 4, 1970: Kent State: Memories of a Time and Sacred Place April 13, 2015
It's Not What You Think: How Feelings Impact Decision Making and At-Risk Behavior April 16, 2015   X
TIKI TALKS: Augmented Reality April 21, 2015   X
2015 Ad Astra Kentucky Summit  April 21-22, 2015     X
The Future of Video Player Accessibility April 22, 2015
Peace & Earth Justice Spring 2015 Speaker Series: Wilderness Survival, John Muir in Kentucky, Again April 22, 2015   X
Teaching with Technology Workshop May 8, 2015   X
HOLD THE DATE: KCTCS Safety Conference July 28-29, 2015   X
@ONE Project Ongoing   X
ADA QuickClasses Ongoing
ADA Resources & Training Ongoing   X
Canvas Network

CLEP Online Training Sessions Ongoing
Continuing Education and Professional Development Ongoing X X
Coursera Ongoing   X
Go2Knowledge Ongoing   X
ED2Go - Personal Enrichment/Professional Development Courses Ongoing X X
Friday Live! Ongoing   X
Innovative Educators Ongoing
KCTCS Leadership Courses Ongoing   X
National Seminars Training Ongoing
QEP/Read for LIFE Professional Development Ongoing  
The Remote Advisor Ongoing X X
WADA ADA Live! Ongoing   X

September 2014 - May 2015 | Supervisory Management Essentials

This training addresses supervisory skills such as communication, coaching, change management, and organizational development. At this time, we are in the process of converting these modules to an online format and adding information related to business procedures and human resource requirements. All full-time supervisors at BCTC are encouraged to complete this training. Certification will be offered upon completion of all four modules. Until then, you may review the PowerPoints used during 2013-14 by going to the PD Resources page.        

February - March 2015 | TTALKS | Locations and Times Vary

President Julian is holding a Facilities focused TTALKS (Thinking Together about Leadership, Knowledge, and Strategies). TTALKS are designed to provide a forum for discussion on college ideas and issues. Past TTALKS have gathered a variety of input to assist with making decisions and addressing concerns related to Academics/Student Services and Creating Unity across the college.

The schedule for current TTALKS will offer sessions throughout February and March. Please join one of these open discussion sessions to share your ideas and concerns. Current dates with sign-ups may be accessed by following the instructions below. Additional dates may be added later.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your KCTCS username and password
  3. Select a session from the dropdown.
  4. Click on Sign Up. You will receive a confirmation email with the time and location.            

February-April 2015 | Faculty Open Labs | 10:00 a.m. - Noon | Date & Location Vary

Faculty Open Labs provide instructors with the opportunity to receive hands-on assistance with the educational software used in both on-ground and online classes. This includes help with Blackboard, MS OneDrive, PeopleSoft, Starfish, Open Educational Resources, and more. Registration is NOT required but does help us with staffing.


  • February 13, Cooper, AT 111, 10-12
  • March 27, Newtown, CB 108, 10-12
  • April 10, Cooper, AT 111 10-12
  • April 24, Newtown, CB 108, 10-12


February 13 - April 24, 2015 | KCTCS Teaching & Learning Institute | Dates & Locations Vary | FREE Conference

Join us for the spring KCTCS Teaching & Learning Institute as we share expertise and best practices. Together we can successfully progress through change!

This institute’s focus is Change: The Next Generation – Building on Past Success to Address the Future (the impact of internal and external changes on colleges in the near future).

Locations: This is a regional institute. You may attend any of the following campuses locations:

  • Registration Closed

March 20, 2015 | CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: New Horizons 2015 | Northern Kentucky Convention Center

The KCTCS professional development peer team is currently accepting proposals for the 2015 KCTCS New Horizons Conference to be held May 18-19, 2015. Join your colleagues in Northern Kentucky as we learn about cutting-edge teaching and learning strategies, leadership programs and inspirational innovations that promote student success.

Submission Deadline: March 20, 2015

SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL.                 

March 24, 2015 | EDUCAUSE Live! Webinar: Developments in Higher Education Educational Technology: The Horizon Report in Action | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. | FREE

Wondering what the new developments in educational technology are for higher education? Or what the most important teaching and learning focus areas are for the community? Join us for this free, hour-long webinar as we review the 2015 Horizon Report and the 2015 ELI Content Anchors to examine ways in which these two tools can be put to work at your institution.

Go here to learn more or to register now.                  

March 24, 2015 | The Essentials of Credibility, Confidence and Composure | Jan Harrison, National Seminars | 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EDT | Leestown, M128 | FREE WEBINAR

The Essentials of Credibility, Confidence and Composure is a new webinar that addresses issues like lack of self-confidence, setbacks and disappointments, working with difficult people, and poor communication. With the help of this course, you’ll gain the skills and techniques you need to overcome these, and many other challenges.

The agenda will help you:

  • Recognize how your personal appearance impacts your credibility and learn how to always put your best foot forward
  • Learn how to deal rationally and confidently with difficult people
  • Prevent communication missteps that can lead to communication breakdowns
  • Learn how to improve your self-concept and use it to positively influence coworkers and others at work
  • How to persuade your team to buy in to your ideas and follow your instructions
  • Develop and maintain a culture that supports employees rather than creating a climate of defensiveness  


March 25, 2015 | Digital Content Curation for the 21st Century Teacher, presented by Alexis Alexander | Sponsored by the @ONE Project | 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. | FREE

Digital Content Curation is the process of collecting, organizing and sharing information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. This workshop will show you how to find, organize, re-use and share digital educational content for use in your online, hybrid or face-to-face classroom.

The term curation in the past commonly referred to museum and library professionals. It has since been adapted to describe the use of Web 2.0 tools to find and organize digital content. Digital content curation is an occupation that is open to all teachers and learners.

Instructors are using online content curation tools in the classroom to:

  • Locate, organize and disseminate content to create digital resources for students in online and flipped classrooms.
  • Collect and share articles in a discipline with students.
  • Foster discussion about current events.
  • Encourage students to become both content creators and curators.
  • Teach students to use social media tools for education.
  • Help students gain access to the ‘collective intelligence’ of the Internet.

REGISTER HERE               

March 30 – 31, 2015 | 2015 Kentucky Student Success Summit | Louisville Marriott East 1903 Embassy Square Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40299

The Kentucky Student Success Summit provides faculty, staff and administrators an opportunity to learn from leading student success experts and to engage in stimulating discussions with colleagues from across the state. The summit features nationally-recognized experts who share evidence-based best practices to promote student learning and retention.

This year’s theme, “Learning for the 21st Century: Higher Education’s Value Commitment”, underscores the importance of preparing students to engage in a world characterized by complexity, diversity and change.

Submissions for poster sessions accepted until February 27, 2015.

Click here to learn more or to register            

March 30-31, 2015 | WomenTech Educators Training, presented by the Institute for Women in Technology, Trades and Science | KCTCS System Office, Versailles, KY | FREE

Learn how to increase the number of female students in your STEM classes! Join us March 30 for Recruitment Training and March 31 for Retention Training.

Training will discuss:

  • Gender diversity in STEM
  • Key factors for recruitment
  • Addressing the STEM challenge
  • Building a leadership team model

Go here for more information.

Registration Deadline: March 20, 2015

Register today by contacting Jon Oulay at or ext. 63289. Space is limited!              

April 2, 2015 | All Access presented by Jan Nemes, ECTC and Chris Heister, Cengage Learning | 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. | Free Webinar

The All Access program through Cengage Learning delivers all required course materials to students as part of their tuition. It's a simple idea that delivers tremendous benefits for students, instructors, and the institutions within the KCTCS system. By ensuring student have access to all required course materials, All Access drives engagement and academic success. Cengage Learning works closely with you at the institution, as well as with the bookstore, to facilitate a seamless experience, putting materials in the hands of students on the very first day of class.

Register Here                    

April 2, 2015 | How Copyright and Fair Use Impact Third Party Captioning for Educational Video, presented by Blake Reid | 2:00 - 2:45 p.m. | FREE

One of the great challenges of using videos that you don’t own is that accessibility laws require most educational institutions (as well as government programs and other industries) to provide closed captions for video content. This is where copyright law can interfere. Blake Reid, an Assistant Clinical Professor in Technology Policy and Telecom Law at Colorado Law, will walk you through the conflict between copyright law and captioning law, focusing on the legality of captioning videos that you don’t own.

Go here to learn more or to register now            

April 2, 2015 | I AM a Kentuckian presented by Sagar Patagundi | Spring 2015 Speaker Series hosted by Students for Peace & Earth Justice | Cooper Campus, OB230 | 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. | FREE

There are thousands of unauthorized immigrants in Kentucky. Have you ever wondered “Why don’t they just register and become legal?” Many people don’t realize how complicated, overburdened, and outdated our current immigration system is. Come hear Sagar’s account of being impacted by the system and learn about the steps we can take to build an immigration system that meets our country’s changing needs.           

April 2, 2015 | Management Skills for Today's Busy Administrative Professionals | Jan Harrison, National Seminars | 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EST | Leestown, M120 | FREE WEBINAR

The role of the administrative professional has changed — it’s become a position of real leadership and critical responsibility. You need to accomplish everything on your plate — and you need to do it with confidence and authority! Are you ready to step up and become a true leader in your organization? Developing your management skills will make every aspect of your job easier.

Management skills come down to mastering three key elements — priorities, projects, and people. This webinar will help you get a handle on all three! You’ll learn how to motivate coworkers to make sure they turn things over to you on time and done right. You’ll discover how to identify your bosses’ priorities — and make sure yours and theirs mesh. And you’ll find out about fantastic methods of project planning that guarantee you know what’s going on.

April 7, 2015 | Human Trafficking: Emerging from the Shadows presented by Jennie Hoshal | Spring 2015 Speaker Series hosted by Students for Peace & Earth Justice | Cooper Campus, OB230 | 5:00 - 6:15 p.m. | FREE

This presentation will raise social awareness about the global injustice surrounding human trafficking and the means to take constructive action as a community to help those it affects.           

April 10, 2015 | The Manager's Role as Teacher and Trainer | Pamela Jett, National Seminars |2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EDT | Newtown, CB113 | FREE WEBINAR

Superior knowledge and experience doesn’t always translate into the ability to teach others. And though the role of trainer is one of the most important duties you fill as a manager, there’s a good chance you’ve never had any training in it. It’s perfectly normal — despite being a crucial part of your job, a manager’s role as teacher is often overlooked.

This webinar is jam-packed with proven strategies and expert techniques to help you train your staff better, improving their efficiency and making you a better overall manager.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make on-the-job training super effective
  • Know when training is the answer and when it is not
  • Follow up with employees to make sure new knowledge is being applied
  • And more!  


April 13, 2015 | May 4, 1970: Kent State: Memories of a Time and Sacred Place presented by Erica Meuser | Spring 2015 Speaker Series hosted by Students for Peace & Earth Justice | Cooper Campus, OB230 | 5:00 - 6:15 p.m. | FREE

Artist, mother and BCTC adjunct remembers the May 4, 1970 tragedy through her art and teaching.        

April 16, 2015 | It's Not What You Think: How Feelings Impact Decision Making and At-Risk Behavior presented by Joseph White, DuPont Sustainable Solutions | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. | Free Webinar

This free webinar will look at the conscious vs. subconscious mind and how the two states impact decision making. It will show how the key to further advancing the effectiveness of safety management practices involves a better understanding of human motivational factors and its subsequent impact on the decision making process. Results from piloted initiatives at DuPont sites will also be covered. The focus to switch on the conscious mind yielded initial results beyond expectations.

Register Here                

April 21, 2015 | TIKI TALKS: Augmented Reality presented by Two Guys and Some iPads | Somerset Community College, 808 Monticello Street, Somerset, KY | 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Free Workshop

On April 21, the Office for Professional Development and Innovation (OPDI) will host the first Technology, Insights, Knowledge and Innovation (TIKI) Talk with Two Guys and Some iPads at Somerset Community College.

The first Talk will feature Augmented Reality (AR) and its uses for lessons, assignments and projects and a hands-on session to create and use your own AR with DAQRI.

Space is limited. Register today!

For more information about TIKI Talks, visit                

April 21-22, 2015 | 2015 Ad Astra Kentucky Summit | Hilary J. Boone Center at the University of Kentucky

Registration and the call for proposals is now open for the 2015 Ad Astra Kentucky Summit. Please join us as we continue to share ideas and secure new ways to utilize Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics to produce a gold standard in higher education.

Registration will run through Wednesday, April 8, and will cost $35 per attendee.

The call for proposals will remain open until Sunday, March 15.


April 22, 2015 | The Future of Video Player Accessibility | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. | FREE

In this webinar, developers from YouTube/Google, JW Player, Video.js, and University of Washington will come together to discuss video player accessibility. Taking a look at their different players, we will discuss the current capabilities, known shortcomings, and plans for future development. This webinar will provide a forum for major developers to take a top-level look at the future potential of video player accessibility.

Go here to learn more or to register now.               

April 22, 2015 | Wilderness Survival, John Muir in Kentucky, Again presented by Dr. Richard Shore | Spring 2015 Speaker Series hosted by Students for Peace & Earth Justice | Cooper Campus, OB230 | 3:35 - 4:45 p.m. | FREE

Come with John Muir, as he relives his glorious saunter across Kentucky in 1867. Will he survive the river crossing? Will he escape from Mammoth Cave alive? Will the guerrilla bands rob him? … And what of our times? What is our homework? What work must we do so that we shall have a home? Dr. Shore will transform before your eyes into the great prophet of the wilderness and take you with him as he returns to Kentucky after all these years. Dick Shore, one of the major first-person interpreters of Muir in the US has been transfixing audiences in the U.S. and around the world for over 25 years. He comes to us by special arrangement with Whippoorwill Holler Institute, having been in Yosemite last fall as Muir at the invitation of the LeConte Lodge in Yosemite Valley, and its sponsor the Sierra Club.         

May 8, 2015 | Teaching with Technology Workshop | Newtown Campus | 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. | FREE

The 2015 Teaching with Technology Workshop will be held May 8, 2015.

To view workshop descriptions or to register, go here.                

July 28-29, 2015 | HOLD THE DATE: KCTCS Safety Conference | System Office, Versailles, KY

We are excited to announce the 2015 KCTCS Annual Safety Conference will focus on “Protecting Dreams – Promoting Campus Safety”. View course description.

For planning purposes, it would be helpful to know if attendees would be interested in attending an OSHA 10 certification training program.

Please click here to respond to a one question survey to indicate your interest in the OSHA 10 certification.

Registration and conference information coming soon!

If you have any questions please contact Christy Giles.                 

Ongoing | @ONE Project

The @ONE Project makes it easy for California Community College faculty and staff to learn about technology that will enhance student learning and success. @ONE’s programs provide training and online resources for free - or at a very low cost - thanks to funding from the California Community College Chancellor's Office Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP).

Each year, @ONE offers over 100 trainings, drawing more than 8,500 registrations. Workshops are taught by knowledgeable instructors who tailor their content to the specifics of the community college setting. The programs are also structured to fit a busy faculty or staff member’s schedule. Training formats include desktop webinars, instructor-led online courses, and self-paced training.

To learn more about available trainings, go here.             

Ongoing | ADA QuickClasses

QuickClasses, offered by Pepnet2, cover a range of topics that assist the capacity building efforts of institutions, agencies, and individuals who work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Participants successfully completing QuickClasses receive "Verification of Training Completion" with information needed to receive CEUs. Five terms of QuickClasses are offered each year.


  • Are free of charge.
  • Are 6 weeks long.
  • Require 5 hours of work per week.
  • Have weekly deadlines for assignments.
  • Are asynchronous; they do not require you to be online at any specific time.
  • Require participation in weekly discussions.
  • Most are pre-approved for both CRCC and RID CEUs  

Go here to see upcoming QuickClasses and register.

Ongoing | ADA Resources & Training | Southeast ADA Center | Free Online Resources and Webinars

The Southeast ADA Center, a member of the ADA National Network and a project of the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University, provides information, guidance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They consist of ten regional ADA Centers and an ADA Knowledge Translation Center located throughout the United States (U.S.). They are not an enforcement or regulatory agency, but a helpful resource supporting the ADA's mission to "make it possible for everyone with a disability to live a life of freedom and equality."

To view these resources or register, go here.

Ongoing | Canvas Network

Canvas Network gives teachers, learners and institutions alike the place and platform to define the world of open online learning in a way that makes sense for everyone. It grows as teachers and learners apply it in individual ways and then share the results with the world.

Built on the same Canvas platform that millions already use to learn every day, Canvas Network will grow to be a gathering place for the open online courses, communities and collections that millions more will be able to use to evolve learning to meet their goals.

So take a course. Teach a course. Explore. Imagine.

Ongoing | CLEP Online Training Sessions

CLEP has launched a series of new professional development webinars. These free one-hour sessions are designed to meet the needs of faculty and testing professionals. Topics will be useful to those on campuses just beginning to use CLEP and to those who have more specific needs and questions.

To register for these sessions, go here.

Ongoing | Continuing Education and Professional Development| BCTC Workforce Solutions

Bluegrass Workforce Solutions provides continuing education, recertification, and relicensure courses for a variety of professionals. Continuing Education Units (CEU's) will be awarded for those courses and participants will receive a Certificate of Completion to be used for recertification/relicensure requirements. For more detailed information, visit the website or call (859) 246-6666.

Ongoing | Coursera | Free Online Courses

Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer FREE online courses for anyone to take. Their technology enables the best professors to teach tens or hundreds of thousands of students in an effort to give everyone access to the world-class education that has so far been available only to a select few. Their goal is to empower people with education that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in. Courses include a wide range of topics, spanning the Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, and many others. Whether you're looking to improve your resume, advance your career, or just learn more and expand your knowledge, there are multiple courses that you may find interesting.

To explore and register for a course, go here.


EDUCAUSE® is a nonprofit association and the foremost community of IT leaders and professionals committed to advancing higher education. They help those who lead, manage, and use information technology to shape strategic IT decisions at every level within higher education. They view IT not only as technology, but as a system of people, processes, organizations, and challenges that are constantly evolving. Their programs and services focus on analysis, advocacy, community building, professional development, and knowledge creation to support the transformative role that IT can play in higher education. Finally, they offer many ways to help higher education professionals who use or manage information technology to keep up on trends and developments… many of which are provided online at no cost.

Find Adobe Connect technical requirements; past webinar archives; instructions for attending webinars using an iPhone, iPad, or Android-enabled device; and suggestions for making webinars a collaborative event on your campus on the EDUCAUSE Live! website.

Ongoing | Go2Knowledge Now Available 24/7!!!

Go2Knowledge is a new online resource that grants all BCTC faculty and staff unlimited access to 100+ professional development trainings with the click of a button. Full-time and part-time employees may access trainings on the following topics, at any time, day or night:

  • At-risk populations
  • Campus safety
  • Organizational development
  • Student success
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Technology

After completing each training, you may print a personalized certificate. Access instructions are available under Professional Development & Training in ITES.

*Please note: Each training is 1 ½ hours and may be paused for up to 3 hours. If your session times out, you may receive credit by restarting it, fast forwarding to where you left off, and finishing your training.

Ongoing | ED2Go - Personal Enrichment/Professional Development Courses | BCTC Workforce Solutions

Online courses cover a variety of topics including accounting, personal finance, grant writing, computer skills, healthcare, sales and marketing, digital photography, starting your own business, health information management, creative writing, graphic arts, and web design, just to name a few. For more detailed information, visit the website or call (859) 246-6666.

Ongoing | Friday Live! | Fridays, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. | Free Online Sessions

FridayLive! is a free, interactive, Internet-accessible, multimedia weekly series offered by The Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) Group. The TLT Group is a not-for-profit that helps college and university educators take advantage of changing technology so they can improve teaching and learning. As a non-profit, the TLT Group looks to enable collaboration, support, mutual understanding and communication among key stakeholders in an institution, and use evidence to make better decisions.

FridayLive! sessions alternate among a variety of topics: Dangerous Discussions, interviews, tech topics and tools. You can join FridayLive! on Fridays from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Even though the session is free, we'd prefer that you register in advance, unless you are an individual member and hold a season FASTPASS. Room opens at 1:45 p.m. Main session from 2:00 to 2:55 p.m. Closing until 3:00 p.m. Afterthoughts until 3:30 p.m.

For more information or to register, go here.

Ongoing | Innovative Educators | Free Trainings

Innovative Educators is dedicated to providing superior training focused on critical issues facing students and educators today. Our primary goal is to provide the information, training, and skills necessary to implement positive change on a personal, professional, and institutional level. Complimentary webinars address topics such as service-based learning, rubrics, advising, use of open educational resources, student engagement, campus safety, and much, much more.

To view a complete list of these free trainings and to register, go here.         

Ongoing | KCTCS Leadership Courses | Online | Free

A variety of Leadership Courses are now available online through Blackboard. Courses include the following topics and may be accessed anytime from your own computer.

  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Coping with Difficult Behaviors
  • Effective Communication
  • Critical Thinking Skills

Review course descriptions and objectives.

View step-by-step instructions to enroll in a leadership online course.
Stay tuned for more online course opportunities.

For more information, contact                

Ongoing | National Seminars Training | Limited Free Webinars - See below

National Seminars Training offers training on topics including Microsoft Office products, communication, conflict and confrontation, HR and ADA issues, project management, marketing, generational differences, and more. To view a complete list of these trainings, go here.

Limited access to webinars is available to BCTC at no cost. For more information and to recommend one of these webinars, please contact Miranda Hines.

Ongoing | QEP/Read for LIFE Professional Development

Every semester, all faculty attend professional development related to reading across the disciplines. Faculty learn reading strategies to apply in their classroom, therefore directly enhancing what is offered to our students. Faculty and staff may attend a face-to-face workshop or meet their professional development goals on-line. Staff may attend professional development to enhance reading across college-level programs such as student advising and to improve student comprehension of important terms used in “BCTC Literacy” such as SAP, and FERPA. Either way, opportunities to learn more about this initiative are readily available to all.

For more information about live and online training opportunities, please go here.

Ongoing | The Remote Advisor

The Remote Advisor is a new online tool that provides advising training to address working with students at a distance. This training satisfies a PD training requirement for faculty advisors.

To access this online tool, go here.

Ongoing | WADA ADA Live! | Wednesdays, 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. | Free Online Sessions

WADA ADA Live! is a free monthly internet-based radio talk show to learn about the rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Sponsored by the Southeast ADA Center, mark your calendar to join this informative 30-minute discussion on the first Wednesday of each month, from 1:00pm-1:30pm. During each live show, real-time captioning is available.

You may submit questions and connect to each show through