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Natural Science Outreach

Science Safari

Catch Me if You Can: A Crime Scene Investigation

July 19, 2014
Newtown Campus
10:00 a.m. - Noon

A replicated crime scene will be set-up for students to view and even practice proper evidence collection techniques. Once students have visited the crime scene they will then report to the laboratory where they will take part in 6 hands-on activities. Each activity will cover individual aspects of forensic science:

Activity one: Fingerprint analysis – students will be able to practice the following techniques to uncover what prints were found at the crime scene.

  • Dusting for fingerprints
  • Fuming for fingerprints
  • Identifying microscopic fingerprint characteristics

Activity two: Blood type analysis – students will perform a simulated blood typing test to uncover whether the blood found at the crime scene matches any of the blood samples collected from the suspects.

Activity three: Chromatography – students will learn how to distinguish a variety of black writing utensils (permanent marker vs. ballpoint pen) based on pigment composition.

Activity four: Fiber analysis – students will actually be using a flame to see how different fiber samples react when introduced to a flame (smell, speed at which they burn, ash residue, etc.). They will also visualize the fiber samples with magnification to observe the differences at the microscopic level.

Activity five: Mineral and soil analysis – students will analyze samples of soil, glass, dust, and metal traces in order to place or eliminate a suspect's presence at the crime scene.

Activity six: Impressions -students will have a chance to replicate shoe impressions left at the crime scene by making their own foam impressions.

We hope that students will enjoy exploring the fascinating technology of forensic science and will leave with an appreciation for how detectives and scientists work to figure out unsolvable thefts, arsons, mysteries, and more!

Bugs and Blooms

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Bringing the wonder of science to the community

The Natural Sciences Division of Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) is committed to maintaining strong ties to the community through its schools, civic organizations and other non-profits.

BCTC faculty involve themselves by:

  • serving as judges as local science fairs.
  • running the Regional Science Olympiad competition.
  • providing demonstrations and hands-on activities for schools and organizations upon request. 
  • participating in campus sponsored outreach opportunities.

If you are interested in having somebody from the Natural Sciences Division meet with your school or organization, please let us know. We'd be happy to discuss with you how we may enrich your program.

You may contact us at (859) 246-6449 or Email us at