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Technology Purchasing Guidelines

To ensure consistency within the BCTC long range technology plan and to promote compatibility within the existing computer base, ITS will review and facilitate all technology related purchases.

The following guidelines have been adopted to expedite this process:

  1. The Software/Hardware purchase form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate requesting department/division official for signature verification.  The Software and Hardware Request form is available at the following web address:
  2. The previously approved form must be submitted to the appropriate campus IT director.
  3. The request will be reviewed and, barring any discrepancies, the order will be processed.  Any potential problems pertaining to the purchase request will be reviewed with the requestor. 
  4. When all issues are resolved, ITS will process the paperwork and charge the requesting departmental account for the purchase.
  5. Upon arrival, ITS will notify the requestor and schedule the installation if required.

The following listed items are to be considered technology related purchases:

  • Any workstation or associated device, peripheral, or software.
  • Any device such as a palm top or PDA that will be connected to an institutional workstation.
  • Any printer or scanning device.
  • Any telephone related device or peripheral such as a head set or answering machine.
  • Not included are audio visual devices such as projectors, TVs, VCRs, and DVDs. These requests are to be directed to the Learning Resource Center.