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Open Computer Lab Policies

No food or drink is permitted in the labs.

No noisemaking or talking is permitted in the labs; this includes playing CD's or using cellular phones.  Telephone calls should be taken in the hall.

Lab users may not install personal or class related software.  All files are automatically scanned for viruses as they are used on the workstation.

All printouts must be class related.  No personal or multiple print jobs shall be permitted in the labs.

Faculty must contact the lab manager before bringing a class to preview a lab.

Students are responsible for all of their personal items at the computer station.  Valuables should not be left alone.

Lab personnel are available to help students with the equipment, but they do not provide tutoring.  Instructors are to be contacted for homework help.  Lab personnel will start students in a program, but cannot give instruction in using the program related to completion of work to be done by the student.

Students should save their computer work early and often.  Students should not wait until finished to save!!!  If work is unsaved, it may be impossible to recover in the case of a computer crash.

The Open Computer Labs do not allow the printing of envelopes, different paper, or transparencies (even if the student provides them).

The Open Computer Labs follow a no tolerance policy to viewing pornography, nudity, and sexual content in the labs.

Hours of operation will be posted outside the entrances to the Open Computer Labs.  Information about the labs, including hours, may also be found at the following web address: