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BCTC Distribution Lists Policy

Global Distribution List - The global address lists, which begin with the heading BCTC, are utilized throughout the district and are populated through PeopleSoft and Active Directory.  They are found in the global distribution list section of the Outlook client.

Distribution lists such as the Bluegrass faculty and staff list, the Bluegrass faculty list, the Bluegrass staff list, and individual campus lists for faculty and staff are included in the global list category.  The BCTC student list is also considered a global list and is generated when students register for classes.

The global address lists will be maintained by ITS. 

Divisional Distribution List - This category of list, beginning with the BL heading, is used for departmental and divisional communication and will be maintained by the division/department office managers.  The BL naming convention provides a means to differentiate the divisional list from the global or BCTC lists and the local lists that have no heading.   The naming convention also separates the BL lists and the BCTC lists when searching the global address list section.

The BL lists will be editable only to list members and only if the list owner chooses to share the list with other members.

NOTE: There is no automated procedure to extract individual department/division information from the active directory entries.  Office managers, who have access to the most current personnel information, will maintain these lists.

ITS will create the initial list folders, set up access, and provide training on request.

Local Distribution Lists - Used for committee and inter-departmental correspondence, the local lists will be maintained by the committee chair or an assigned designee. The lists can be distributed and shared with other Outlook users and may be inserted into individual Outlook address books.  These lists cannot be accessed in the global address listings. 

Long standing annual committee chairs may request to have their own global lists created by ITS.  Edits and updates will remain the responsibility of the requestor or a designee.

Personal distribution list training sessions may be scheduled through the IT work order submittal process on individual campuses.  Training is provided through the Technology Resource Center.

Requests for the creation of Global Lists can be made through the appropriate work orders submittal process used on your campus.