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Athena Club

Where can I meet other students?

The Athena Club is a student organization created to assume an advocacy role on behalf of students with disabilities, make students aware of opportunities available to individuals with disabilities, educate the community and help dispel myths surrounding disabilities and provide interpersonal support and social activities.

Our goals are to:

  • Make students aware of opportunities available to individuals with disabilities and
  • Educate the community about the types of disabilities through a variety of activities.

Membership is open to all BCTC students, with or without disabilities. To become a member, simply attend meetings, participate in club projects and activities, and pay annual dues of $3.00.

Major events of the club are a Silent Auction held each fall, Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day, and participation in Fall Fest and Spring Fling.

The Silent Auction is a way of raising money for the Stanley McGowan Scholarship. The Stanley Howard McGowan Scholarship is a scholarship named for a former student of BCTC and will be awarded to other students with disabilities.

Fall Fest and Spring Fling are campus celebrations bringing students, faculty and staff together for a few hours of fun each semester. All the major campus groups plan and participate in these events. Some of the events done by the Athena Club are:

  • Disability Awareness
  • Dunking booth
  • Football toss/basketball hoop game
  • Pie Throwing
  • BCTC Brainstorm (our version of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire)

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day is a way students with disabilities can show their appreciation for instructors and staff members who have gone above and beyond to accommodate students. All nominees are recognized and plaques are given to one full time and part time instructor and one staff member at a reception each spring.

For more information on the Athena Club, contact BCTC Disability Support Services