International Practice

International Practice Opportunties in Dental Hygiene

This page will continuously be under construction as students develop presentations specific to various countries. Feel free to browse the countries below for a brief presentation of dental hygiene practice abroad!

International Practice

The Dental Hygiene Opportunity in Switzerland

Practicing in Switzerland is the most awesome career and personal move I have ever made! The opportunities to travel are endless and the people are lovely. I worked with a wonderful dentist in Mannedorf, which is a small village on Lake Zurich in the German speaking part of the country. Eight years later, I continue to correspond with the dentist I worked with. He even took a vacation to visit the Bluegrass/Smoky Mountain regions of Kentucky and Tennessee to learn about the area where I lived. While working in Switzerland, I was able to travel to Italy, Africa, England, Germany, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, France, Liechtenstein, The Netherlands (Holland), and Belgium. Traveling in East Berlin while the Berlin Wall was being destroyed was the most memorable adventure that I can recall. I was able to attend the 1990 World Cup Hockey Tournament and saw Russia and England battle for a victory. Taking a 3 week safari in Kenya, Africa was another great adventure! There are too many wonderful memories and trips to even begin to mention! I would recommend this opportunity to work and travel in Europe to everyone - it is a fantastic experience!

The Schweizerische Zahnarzte-Gesellschaft provides a placement agency for Dental Hygienists interested in practicing in Switzerland. The Stellenvermittlung can assist you in your dream to practice Dental Hygiene in the Swiss Alps! An application with a check for CHF 58.-- is required to begin processing your potential employment. It is beneficial to have some basic knowledge of the German or French language, but is not necessary. I had absolutely no background in German went I moved to Switzerland but did take the opportunity to learn once I arrived. Once your application is received, it will be added to a list which is then distributed to interested dentists. You will receive a list of dentists in the country that are interested in hiring a Dental Hygienist. The dentist is responsible for contacting you in regard to employment. Once an agreement is reached, a contract is signed by both parties and the dentist will apply for a work permit from the Swiss authorities. Once you have been granted a work permit, you will begin to apply for a Visa. Your prospective employer is obliged to arrange for housing (you will pay the rent), and four weeks of paid vacation is mandatory in Switzerland. An additional 13th month salary is paid after one year of employment.

For More Information Contact:

SSO-Stellenvermittlung (Employment Service)
Service de placement SSO
Munzgraben 2
3000 Bern 7
Switzerland (CH)
Telefon: 011' 41' 031'311'67'32
Fax: 011' 41' 031'311'7470 or 011'41'71'228'4550